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Our public courses require no previous experience and are suitable for both beginners and experienced designers looking to expand their design capabilities. All courses come with a completion certificate, access to online notes for that course, and access to our UX Gym community slack channel for follow-up enquiries and to tap into the combined experience of our course facilitators and UX Gym alumni.

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Completed courses returning in 2022

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Journey Mapping

Introduction to user/customer journey mapping

Learn how to create journey maps that take your customer insights and assumptions and map them out in a visual storyboard for maximum engagement from stakeholders, designers, and decision makers.

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Information Architecture

Introduction to information architecture design

Learn one of UX design’s most fundamental skill sets: how to organise the information in a digital product or service so that it makes sense to real people. This course takes you through a human-centred design approach to making digital content findable and understandable.

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UX Crash Course

A hands-on introduction to user experience design

Get hands-on experience of a human-centred approach to UX design in this intensive one-day course. This course gives you a solid grounding in the principles and theories behind a modern, user-centred design process and practical experience taking a UX project from initial research to design to usability testing.

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Design Research

Introduction to user/customer research

A practical introduction to user or customer research. Learn the theory and practise the methods of modern design research as you design a research project from scratch, implement it, analyse the findings, and communicate the insights you discover.

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User Interface (UI) Design

Introduction to designing for screens

Learn how to design a user interface (UI) by learning how people understand and make decisions when using screen-based interfaces, and how to respond to this when making your own design decisions. In this course you put everything you learn into practice by creating your own interface design in professional design software.

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Usability Testing and Prototyping

Introduction to testing designs and creating design prototypes

Learn how to run usability testing on existing digital products and services and create clickable prototypes for concepts still in the design stage. This practical course gives you everything you need to make sure the design, implementation and analysis of your tests gives you reliable and usable insights.