About UX Gym

Since 2014, user experience design consultancy Lushai has committed to lifting New Zealand's design capabilities by making human-centred design training accessible to both the public and organisations through our training initiative UX Gym.

Unfortunately, although with some amendments we can technically hold all courses under the red traffic light settings, the amount of rework required to accomodate the courses in a safe way and also maintain the quality of teaching we aim for is more than we have capacity for at the moment. So regretfully we are cancelling all our courses until we are at a lower level setting and are confident we can plan with a low chance of the levels changing.

Although this is very disappointing for us, we fully support the public health measures in place and we are lucky enough that UX Gym is fully supported by our UX consultancy Lushai, so UX Gym itself is under no threat, we will be back! Any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Taught by leading design professionals who practise what they preach every day, our course covers the principles and methods behind a best practice, human-centred design approach to UX design, service design, and product design.

We offer hands-on courses where what you learn can be put into practice straight away and help organisations build their design capabilities through private courses, coaching, and design programme development.

Course Facilitators

Headshot of Lulu Pachuau

Lulu Pachuau

Lulu is the Wellington director and founder of Lushai and an alumni member of Adaptive Path and Cooper U in San Francisco. She is a member of the Usability Professionals Association of New Zealand (UPANZ), where she gives talks and mentors younger designers; the Interaction Design Association (IxDA); and the Information Architecture Institute (IAI).

Headshot of Matt Gould

Matt Gould

Matt is the Auckland director of Lushai and has provided strategy and design services to clients ranging from hungry startups to international corporations. He is trained as a Design Coach for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s ‘Better by Design’ Design Integration Programme and is a co-founder of the ‘UX Homegrown’ design conference.

About Lushai

Lushai have been using user-centred design to create successful websites, interfaces, applications and services since 2008. We're a small team consisting of some of New Zealand's most experienced and creative designers. Our work is anchored in respect – respect for you, and for the people you serve.

In practical terms, this means we value:
Collaboration – Working in an open and pragmatic manner
Reality – Anchoring our work in the reality of the people we are designing for
Creativity – Ambition, innovation and experimentation
Efficiency – A lean, effective, no-nonsense approach

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