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Hands-on, practical, user experience design training.

Kick start your UX career or level up your current design practice. UX Gym is a design training initiative from user experience design agency Lushai. We provide world-class, hands-on, human-centred design training to the public, and private training to New Zealand’s most respected organisations and brands.

Public courses for individuals

UX Gym offers user experience design courses where you learn best practice human-centred design techniques you can use in your work straight away. Our courses are aimed at both designers who want to add to their skill set and non-designers with no previous experience.

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Private training for organisations

We provide customised user experience training, coaching, programme development, and capability building for organisations. We’ve done this for government departments such as the Department of Internal Affairs and Statistics NZ, and private companies such as 2degrees and Sovereign Insurance. To enquire about our private training, get in touch:

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UX for Government Morning Coffee Series

Free Morning Workshop Series (with coffee, of course)
7:30am - 8:30am Every morning from 5 September to 9 September


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NEW! Team Tickets - Discounts for 3 or more people.
UX Training for your whole team. Just select ‘Team’ as your ticket type when purchasing a ticket to get your team discount..

Audrey Cheng – Snapcomms
“You knocked it out of the park yesterday. Verbal feedback was through the roof. I always appreciate that you are a practitioner, which means you bring not only the methodology but also the experience to adapt to the context, which makes the training relevant/ relatable for the participants. Thank you! Always impressive to see you in action.”
“OMG, we’ve just done a sprint and used a bunch of the stuff you taught us – you would be proud.”
Anna Livesey – AMP
“Your course was very valuable and useful … after the course, I joined the Innes48 Business Startup Competition, and our team won 1st prize.”
Jerry Lee – Student
“I just wanted to say thanks for creating and providing such a great UX Design course.Just today, I set up a testing session as per the course, and we immediately gained some insights into my designs.”
Edgar Vadauskas – Opus
“Absolutely loved yesterday and have had great feedback from those I spoke to yesterday.”
Katy Medlock – Jucy

UX Gym Newsetter

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