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6 hours | 9:30am - 4:30pm


Returning 2021 |
Thinkspace - 3 Glenside Crescent, Auckland


Returning 2021 |
BizDojo Wellington - 115 Tory Street, Wellington

Journey maps (sometimes called customer journey maps or user journey maps) are a powerful tool for understanding and communicating the experience of the people you are designing for. This course takes you through identifying when journey maps are appropriate, the process of creating them, and how to make sure your map is actually used to make better decisions for your customers or users.

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What you will learn

Identifying when journey maps are appropriate

How to identify project situations where a journey map will add value and lead to better experiences for your customers and users.

Gathering insights to ensure a valid journey map

How to gather data and insights to inform your map and make sure it accurately represents your customers and users’ experience.

Designing a journey to be engaging and useful

Understanding your stakeholders and how to design a map so that it gets traction and provides the right insights to the right people.

Producing the document

The mechanics of producing a journey map document, from software and format options to sourcing visuals and illustrations.

Making use of your customer journey map

How to socialise and utilise your map so that it leads to better design decisions for your users and customers, and is not just used as wall art!

How it works

This is primarily a practical course and you will produce a complete customer journey, from gathering data to creating the final content. You will take one section of the journey up to a finished document level. You are also given the principle behind the methods used throughout the day. To ensure you can use what you learn during the week in your regular design practice you are given:


Common methods used when producing a journey map. These are practical ways of working that you can take away and start applying immediately.


You get the foundation theory behind these methods - why we work the way we do. This is to give you a basis for further study or self development. Principles help you judge how appropriate any method is for a given problem and give you enough understanding to alter a method or develop your own methods as needed.


You apply the principles and methods to create a complete journey map.

Who is it for

No prior knowledge is required to do this course, it is suitable for absolute beginners. It is particularly useful for designers, BAs, and product owners who need a method for increasing understanding of their users and customers.

What to bring

You will need to bring a laptop with the latest version of the Chrome browser installed. Everything else you need will be provided. We don’t supply lunch but we do do a morning coffee run and supply fruit and snacks to keep you going!


Returning 2021 |
Thinkspace - 3 Glenside Crescent, Auckland


Returning 2021 |
BizDojo Wellington - 115 Tory Street, Wellington

Terms & Conditions

20 people maximum.

This workshop requires a minimum of 9 people to run.

We will notify and refund you if this event is cancelled.

No refund for withdrawal within 24 hours of the workshop date.

50% refund for withdrawal within 8 days of the workshop date.

Tickets are transferable to other people but not to other UX Gym courses.